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I had the pleasure of being able to review PLVSH, which is an online personal styling service that specifically caters to plus size women, sizes 14 and up!

"At PLVSH we focus on making sure that you have a well rounded wardrobe that is built on timeless investment pieces that you will wear and feel fabulous in for years. We combine this with an eye for chic, stylish trends that fit exactly the look you have discussed with your stylist... and then deliver it all to your door. It’s style—on your terms."

After filling out your style profile, your stylist can then curate a box specially tailored to your likes, wants and needs! From preferred sleeve length, desired color and print palate, budget, height and sizes, your style profile will help assist your stylist in picking pieces that you'll not only love, but will fit and be affordable to you! Five items per box, one box a month!

Once I filled out my style profile, my stylist Lindsay could tell that I love high fashion and am very adventurous when it comes to my clothing and wanted to let me try out some cool different pieces. Needless to say, I couldn't wait to get my box!

The first thing in my box was this gorgeous MYNT1792 Cold Shoulder Keyhole Top. I was thrilled to see the first item in the box was a brand I hadn't heard of before becasue it's so difficult to find new high quality plus size brands.

We all know the basics, but to see that there was a different brand that made cute and contemporary clothes for my size was a definite win.

I loved the color and the little details of this top. The fit was perfect and the style was very "me."

This would be a great piece for anyones closet because it could so easily be dressed up or down.

The next item in my box was this beautiful Kiyonna Essential Wrap Dress that I instantly knew I loved. The black and white print was right up my ally in addition to wrap dresses in general being one of my favorite things to wear.

This dress fit like a glove and was the perfect shape and cut for my body. I felt like a "Lady Boss" who owned her own empire and could take over the world... basically, I didn't want to take this dress off!

Finding clothes that make me feel as empowered and beautiful as this is pretty difficult, but my stylist nailed in on the head with this one!

Next up was this Vince Camuto Bell Sleeve Blouse. I wont lie, at first glance I was a little worried about the color of this top, but as soon as I pulled it out I fell in love. Vince Camuto is a designer that I have always loved especially because he makes clothes not only in straight sizes, but plus sizes as well. It's so nice when you can buy actual clothes from high end designers that you love instead of just their accessories.

This top gave me so much life I could hardly handle it because.... sleeves! Sleeves are everything! Killer sleeves can make you feel invincible, and with these, I felt like I was on a never ending runway.

My stylist really did a great job with this pick because it's something I wouldn't necessarily know to pick out for myself, but that I 100% absolutely love.

Again, this could be worn so many different ways, dressed up or down, this top was pretty much perfect in every way!

Then came the love of my life... "You had me at hello" doesn't even do it justice. I honestly feel like this JIBRI Trumpet Sleeve Flare Dress was made for me. I actually don't have the right words to express how thankful I am that my stylist picked this out for me. This dress made me feel like a combination of a plus size June Carter-meets-Lana Del Rey, and it's one of the best feelings I've ever felt.

Again with the sleeves, this dress screams "High Fashion." Oh, and did I mention it has pockets? Just when I thought this dress couldn't get any better, of course, it has pockets. I really have to say, this was ridiculously on point for me. It was funky and cool, high fashion and high quality, flattering and fierce... Without PLVSH I might not have been able to fall in love so deeply.

Last but not least, my fifth item in my box was this super luxurious Exelle Boucle Jacket. I was so happy to see a second piece in this box from another brand I was unaware of. How wonderful is that?! Two new plus size brands that I now love!

This jacket has such a beautiful knit and the construction of it is very modern and chic. I loved the details of the seams and the high button close.

Out of this whole box this was the only piece I wasn't 100% in deep love with, though I still really like it! For me thought it made me feel a little top heavy and slightly boxy. Perhaps styled differently it would look or feel different!

Overall though I'd say i am beyond happy. This was far more than I could have hoped it would be. To love practically every piece in the box, plus finding two new brands is a dream come true. I highly suggest you try PLVSH. You are not obligated to keep any items you receive, so there is really zero down side! You can build a great foundation for your wardrobe from the ground up or simply find a few pieces that you really need (or want ;) )! "Real style. Delivered to your door." How could you say no? Give it a go and let me know what you think! I promise, you'll wish you had found PLVSH a long time ago.

To check out my PLVSH Un-Boxing Video click HERE!


(Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.)

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