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5 Body Positive Artists You Need to Follow

Happy New Year! I wanted my first blog post of this new year to be non sponsored list of body positive talented artists who I am personally huge fans of! These artists create beautiful artworks, illustrations and merchandise that will make your heart happy. Each of their work is so different yet invoke similar feelings. I see bits and pieces of myself in all of their work and I'm sure you will see yourself too. Art shines light on things you wouldn't normally seek out. Art can make you uncomfortable. Art can bring you closer to yourself. Here are 5 body positive artists you need to follow!

"Mission: Making art to inspire and give confidence to everyBODY."

Gordita Bonita Art is a fun pin-up take on body positive illustrations! Commissions, stickers, signed prints, magnets and more are up in their shop! The attention to detail is my favorite part of their designs, because they include any tattoos or marks you have to make for a truly unique piece of art! This custom illustration of me is absolutely adorable and the stickers are proudly decorating my laptop, planner and mirror! You can also find her on Instagram @gordita_bonita_cartoons

"Representation Matters. Figure drawings of ALL bodies"

Fab Babe Draws takes commissions, creates logos and even tattoo designs! Their iconic style is adorned with beautiful flowers replacing the heads upon all types of beautiful bodies. I was lucky enough to receive a custom illustration and I am IN LOVE with it (second image). It makes me feel like a beautiful bouquet of flowers! You can also find her on Instagram @fatbabedraws

"Jovanna is illustrating for a body positive and feminist present and future. Her illustrations are colorful, graphic, vivid and filled with pure love."

Candles, prints, jewelry, mugs, totes and more! Jovanna has a few different types of art styles, each equally enchanting and inspiring. I have had the pleasure of being a fan of Jovanna since 2016. Seeing her work progress over the years has been wonderful to watch. in 2017 Jovanna made this beautiful artwork of me and was even kind enough to send me the original (second image)! It's been a prized possession of mine ever since! I look forward to purchasing a new print and candle soon! You can also find her on Instagram @drawnbyjovanna

"Feminist Trash is founded on the belief that intersectional feminism and sustainability go hand-in hand. We specialize in size inclusive, unisex apparel with hand lettered designs by artist and founder Joanna Thangiah. Each t-shirt is printed with biodegradable water-based ink and carefully made-to-order to minimize waste and ethically reduce any environmental impact."

Joanna is a pro at illustrating exactly how we feel at times. Her work is playful but very serious. Focusing on intersectional feminism, anti-racism, body positivity and all things empowering, you are going to want to rock her graphic tee shirts, and hang her prints all over your room for constant inspiration! You can also find her on Instagram @joannathangiah

"REAL people. In all shapes and sizes. Thin isn't the only definition of beautiful; to me at least. So I celebrate whatever makes you, YOU. This is no place to feel ashamed or embarrassed, I embrace everyone here ❤️"

The Illustrator of Curves work is lovely, relatable and is open for commissions! Their "expectations vs reality" illustrations are some of my favorites because of how accurately they are depicted! The details truly make each piece, down to the cellulite, body hair, hip dips, belly rolls and beauty marks! Their work is fun, playful and very clearly made with love and admiration. You can find them on Instagram @the_illustrator_of_curves


Well, how's that for some art inspo!? I hope you found a new artist to support and will consider purchasing some new work!

PS: Did you know that I am an artist as well? Please check out my Instagram @faithcosta_originalartwork and feel free to DM or email me for commissions!

I would love to continue featuring lists such as these. If you or someone you know owns a business or service that you think should be featured, please email me at



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Jan 19, 2021

Wow! Thank you 🙏 this is so lovely and such an honor. Much love 🥰

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