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As a lifelong New Jersey artist, my creative journey is deeply intertwined with the vibrant tapestry of acrylic painting. My artistry is a celebration of the natural world and the human experience, encompassing a broad range of subjects from the serene allure of landscapes, the delicate grace of flowers, the dynamic spirit of animals, the profound complexity of portraits and even delve into the depths of darker themes. 


My artistic journey is marked by a unique niche - the creation of "minis," original miniature canvas paintings that offer a glimpse into intricate worlds within a small frame that capture the essence of a subject in a smaller, yet equally impactful, scale. 


My creative process is a blend of traditional techniques and personal exploration, allowing each stroke of my brush to bring forth the vivid colors and textures unique to acrylics. This medium's versatility enables me to express the subtle nuances of light and shadow, bringing a sense of realism and emotional depth to my art.


I have had the honor of participating in juried Fine Arts and Crafts Festivals in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York which has allowed me to share my passion with a wider audience, offering a curated selection of my artwork ranging from full-size paintings to intricately crafted minis. In addition to these pieces, my shop features prints that capture the essence of my original creations, as well as unique hand-painted leather bookmarks and earrings, each bearing the signature style that defines my artistic identity. Through these diverse offerings, I aim to connect with art enthusiasts and collectors, enriching their lives with the beauty and creativity that I pour into every piece. These experiences have not only been opportunities for showcasing my work but have also been integral in connecting with fellow artists and art enthusiasts, each encounter enriching my artistic journey.


In my art, viewers find more than just visual aesthetics; they encounter a piece of my soul and a reflection of the world as I perceive it. Through my work, I invite viewers to embark on a visual journey, one that transcends the canvas and resonates within the heart.


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 "As a lifelong painter and maker, my original artwork comes from the heart.  My hope is that when you look at my work it makes you feel something positive and brings you joy."

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