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If you don't already know about the trendy, high quality, high fashion, plus size brand Eleven60, then you're about to thank me! Each piece of clothing their designer has created is for the "professional curvy woman that is chic, sexy, bold and eclectic." What more could a girl ask for? A plethora of inclusive sizes for the curvy-to-plus size woman? You got it! Eleven60 carries sizes from 8 to 28! What a dream come true!

Eleven60 is more than just clothing... it's comfortable, fashionable, flattering and unique garments that will make you feel like a "lady boss!" (I'm telling you from personal experience, trust me!)

This "Black Book" dress is EVERYthing. The material was so comfortable with just enough stretch in all the right places. It visually cinched my waist in like a dream. This perfect tea length dress is great for so many different occasions... Date night.. girls night... going to an opera or fancy party? This is your new go-to!

Did I forget to mention how diverse this dress can be? Alone, this dress is a classic staple. You don't need to add anything to make it a modern/vintage classic! However, this dress can easily also be dressed up or down!

For instance, a killer pair of heels and a cute bag with a pop of color can take this outfit to a whole different level! Throw on some rings or your favorite pair of earrings and you're ready to go!

Want to keep turning the funk up? Go for it! Everyone has a different style, so it's great when clothes give you the opportunity to put your own personal twist on them.

I added my little "punk-rock" twist by adding a chunky belt and some funky, vibrant heels!

Long story short- Eleven60 is doing it right and I 100% recommend to all of my fellow fashionistas you give them a try! Your closet will thank you :)


(Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.)


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