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George the Jeweler

When it comes to jewelry I do tend to have a more expensive taste. Though I enjoy costume jewelry for fun every now and again, there is nothing like a gorgeous, well made, genuine piece of jewelry that you can wear with pride and wont turn your skin green. With that said, when I came across George the Jeweler on Instagram I was obviously, immediately impressed.

(Photography by John Carlo)

Looking at his shop, you can tell each piece is a work of art.

I was lucky enough to have had George himself reach out to me. He showed me this stunning "Faith" necklace....I fell in love instantly.

(Photography by John Carlo)

Here's the best part though... After showing me the necklace I voiced my worry that the chain would not be long enough, because I am plus sized and have a larger neck, he didn't hesitate for a second to change it to 20"... How awesome is that?! Custom jewelry at its finest!

(Photography by John Carlo)

Delicate, trendy, high quality and very cool.

So here's the verdict ladies and gents---Treat yourself! Give yourself or someone you care about a little something special. George will help you pick or design the perfect piece for you!

"I am a Detroit based fashion jewelry designer. With the jewelry business running thick through my blood and my creative mind, my approach in designing, handmade or factory produced, is to create a lasting, popular, edgy piece of the finest quality. I try to create trends and expand on those which are currently trending." -gK

Be sure to go give George the Jeweler some love on social media and order yourself something really nice... you deserve it!

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(Photography by John Carlo)



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